Resort Fees

For those who want to be updated about our current miscellaneous resort fees, please be guided by the following:

Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee of P150.00 (For No Check-In Visitors and Guests. Boat Tour Customers and Infinity Pool Users are not included.) which is consumable at the Resto.

Pool Fee

Infinity Pool Fee of P300.00 ( For No Check-In Visitors and Guests) of which is inclusive of a value meal package at the Resto.

Corkage Fee

Uncooked, cooked food items, alcoholic drinks and similar items brought him from outside the resort are strictly prohibited. Please inquire at the front desk for related concerns.

Corkage Fees (For Check-In Guests/Clients Bringing Their Own Alcoholic Drinks/Beverages) will be P200/bottle for liquors, wines, and spirits, and P200/case for canned or bottled beer and other similar beverages.

Early Check-In Fees

Early Check-In Fees (for Guests Checking-In Before the 2 PM Check-In Time) will be P200 for every hour or portion thereof before the standard check-in time.

Comfort Room, Shower, and Bath Fees

Comfort Room, Shower, and Bath Fees (for No Check-in Guests and Boat Tour Customers) will be P20/person.


Parking is free but exclusive for Resort Guests, Visitors, Infinity Pool Users and Boat Tour Customers only.

Additional Bed

Extra Bed Charge will P600 per person for all villas and shall include free breakfast.


The penalty for violation of the No Cooking Rule In Villas Rule is P1,000.

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