O’s Landing Beach Resort – Bretania, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur


Eye catching, visually appealing architecture.  Lovely Asian themed buildings and beach villas with Balinese inspired designs and roof lines.  Premium amenities and furnishings made distinctive by the generous use of quality native materials.  Immaculately landscaped grounds.  All on the beach with the matchless panorama of the fabulous Bretania Islands as a backdrop.

This is the O’s Landing Beach Resort, your starting point and venue for the fabulous Bretania Islands adventure vacation to remember.


Latest COVID 19 Guidelines for Admission to the Bretania Tourism Area (Updated Dec. 12, 2020)

To date, Executive Order No. 49-2020 issued by the San Agustin municipal government regulates admission to the Bretania Islands tourism area. Please check out the said executive order as posted on our Facebook page in order to determine if your place of residence or work requires you to submit additional documentary requirements (such as RT-PCR or rapid/antigen tests) prior to entry. The said executive order will expire on Dec. 31, 2020 and new guidelines may be issued thereafter.

Please take note of the following additional points:

  1. All bookings and reservations must be made at least four (4) days prior to the date of intended check-in. Walk-in guests will not be accepted.
  2. Villas will remain restricted to only fifty (50%) percent of rated capacity until new LGU guidelines are issued. Please check out the next section below for more info about villa accommodation capacity and amenities.
  3. Reservations and booking procedures remain the same. Please check out the section on frequently ask questions for guidance.


We will be posting the latest updates to Bretania admission guidelines as soon as they are issued by the San Agustin LGU and relevant local and national government agencies.

Let us all keep safe and observe all accepted health protocols in everything we do.


Our Villas

O’s Landing Villas are available in different packages ideal for couples on a honeymoon, large families on vacation or groups looking for a great outdoor adventure. Check out our villas and their amenities and inclusions below:

Villas 1 and 3


Villa 2


Villas 4 and 5


Villas 6 and 7


Villas 8 and 9


Our Function Room – The Agueda Hall

For meetings, seminars, intimate get-togethers and other group activities,  the O’s Landing Beach Resort offers its multi-purpose function room, the Agueda Hall.  It is fully air conditioned and can comfortably accommodate 60 to 80 people.

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The Gelato Thrill Resto

Few local fast food restaurants are known for affordable yet absolutely scrumptious meals and snacks served promptly and the Gelato Thrill Resto is one of them.  O’s Landing Beach Resort is the location of their 2nd branch in Surigao del Sur after Tandag City.

Resort guests can have their fill of the Resto’s signature sizzling dishes, snack items, and frozen and chilled delights.  They can even enjoy their favorite seafood specialties upon request.  

And what better dining and snacking can be had when one has a front side, unfettered, panoramic beach view of the Bretania Islands and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

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Island Hopping

More than two dozen islands and islets, each with its own unique allure and attractions.  No Bretania Islands vacation is therefore complete without a leisurely tour of these natural scenic treasures.    

Our basic island hopping tour package starts at Php 1,500 only for fifteen (15) people.  There will be an additional Php 100 charge per head for more than 15 people. Maximum boat capacity is 25.

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Infinity Pool

The latest addition to our resort facilities and the first of its kind in the Bretania resort area. It is our homage to those who believe that the dream Bretania Islands vacation includes not just island hopping, good food and frenetic activity but also a chance to cool off, relax and perhaps indulge in some splashy and occasionally bubbly fun by the beach.

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