COVID-19 Related News and Updates

(Updated October 17, 2021) In accordance with Executive No. 50-2021 issued on September 30, 2021 by the municipal government of San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, all tourists, visitors and guests to the Bretania Islands tourism zone are required to strictly comply with the following guidelines and protocols: They must present a valid identification card and a valid vaccination card (indicating full vaccination status) or in the absence of the...

Pool’s On

It was a soft opening but what a splash it made. A live band, gorgeous food, late night dancing and, of course, the mandatory first cool and refreshing dip into what is the Bretania Islands' first infinity pool. Hot and sultry summer coming? We say BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

Infinity Pool Update 3

It's the summer splash party everyone is waiting for and it is just around the corner. Updates to follow as to when we will be finally inaugurating and formally opening O's Landing Beach Resort's infinity pool to the public. Here are two teaser pics of our pool as it nears full completion.

Infinity Pool Update 2

Everyone is asking so we are pleased to announce that structural work on our infinity pool is almost finished and we expect it to be fully operational and ready for use by the first week of April. In truth, we are so excited to be able to open to the public what we believe will be not only be a eye-pleasing work of art but also an absolutely fun new addition to our existing resort facilities. Check out below a recent aerial photo of the...

Infinity Pool Update

For those anxious to know if the O's Landing Beach Resort is really serious about making sure that its much awaited infinity pool will ready for the peak of the coming summer tourist season, below is a peek at the on-going construction work. Barring unforeseen problems , we intend to greet the summer of 2019 with a huge splash with the completion and inauguration of what is probably the first infinity pool of its particular type and design in...