Updated Resort Fees

For those who want to be updated about our current miscellaneous resort fees, please be guided by the following:

  • Entrance Fee of P100.00 (For No Check-In Visitors and Guests. Boat Tour Customers and Infinity Pool Users are not included.) which is consumable at the Resto.
  • Infinity Pool Fee of P200.00 ( For No Check-In Visitors and Guests) of which P80.00 is consumable at the Resto.
  • Corkage Fees (for No Check-In Visitors, Guests and Boat Tour Customers) will be P200/menu item for groups of 1 to 5 persons, P400/menu item for groups of 6 to 10 persons, and P500/menu item for groups of more than 10 persons.
  • Corkage Fees (For Check-In Guests/Clients Bringing Their Own Alcoholic Drinks/Beverages) will be P200/bottle for liquors, wines and spirits, and P200/case for canned or bottled beer and other similar beverages.
  • Early Check-In Fees (for Guests Checking-In Before the 2 PM Check-In Time) will be P200 for every hour or portion thereof before the standard check-in time.
  • Comfort Room, Shower and Bath Fees (for No Check-in Guests and Boat Tour Customers) will be P20/person.
  • Parking is free but exclusive for Resort Guests, Visitors, Infinity Pool Users and Boat Tour Customers only.
  • Extra Bed Charge will P500 per person for all villas and shall include free breakfast.
  • Penalty for Violation of the No Cooking In Villas Rule is P1000.

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